BBC – Short Guide to Hypnotherapy
You may well have heard of hypnotherapy, but what’s it for?…

The New York Times – The Possibilities in Hypnosis, Where the Patient Has the Power
My husband, Richard, smoked cigarettes for 50 years, having failed several attempts to quit on his own. When a friend told him in August 1994 that hypnosis had enabled her to quit, he decided to give it a try.

“It didn’t work; I wasn’t hypnotized,” he declared after his one and only session. But it did work; since that day, he has not taken one puff of a cigarette.

Time Magazine – Health: Mind over Medicine
Shelley Thomas, 53, was wheeled into an anteroom at London’s Middlesex Hospital in preparation for pelvic surgery. A patient going into that operation is usually given a mix of painkilling narcotics and nerve-quelling tranquilizers. But not Thomas. Instead she rested on a gurney, alert and calm, taking deep breaths at her hypnotherapist’s instruction.

Money Sense Magazine – Repeat After Me…
After years of helping people quit smoking, hypnotists are now helping us deal with a recession.

The Washington Post – Hypnosis Cuts Hot Flashes For Breast Cancer Survivors
Breast cancer survivors who suffer from hot flashes can reduce these attacks significantly with hypnosis, a new study finds.

The Washington Post – Hypnotherapy May Help Youngsters Cope
Hypnosis has been shown to help adults handle various types of pain. Might kids with chronic abdominal pain find similar relief? …


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