Success Stories

“I lost 35 lb with Weight Loss Hypnosis CD!”

About a year ago I bought your Weight Loss Hypnosis CD. I listened to it 3 to 4 times a week (never staying awake through the whole thing) and lost 35 pounds. I never attributed my weight loss to your CD, I just thought I was doing better eating the right things and exercising. In July (don’t ask me why) I stopped listening to your CD. I did all right for a while, but by October my old habits were back and by December I gained 20 pounds.

A few weeks ago while I was beating myself up wondering where I went wrong I remembered my CD. I started listening to it again about 2 weeks ago and my eating and exercising habits changed immediately. I’m back on track!

… I had tried 2 different weight loss products before yours, and neither did anything for me…. Thank you for such a great product.


“Recommend to anyone interested in health and wellness”

I used to suffer from very bad anxiety and panic attacks so I was intrigued when I came across a free sample of Dr. Larry’s work on the internet. I tracked down his website and purchased a copy of the track “Breathe Easy and Conquer Anxiety”. The first time I listened to it, what really struck me was that I began to calm down right away. As the track continued, I continued to feel better and better. At the end of the recording my anxiety was gone (no small feat for someone who had really bad anxiety!).

The biggest surprise was that the relaxation from this track spread into the next day. I was also able to ground myself during stressful times by summoning this relaxation whenever required. This was really useful to me because it allowed me to be in the moment and obtain more pleasure in daily life – an additional bonus!

My problems with anxiety and panic attacks are gone, but I continue to enjoy using various hypnosis tracks from Dr. Larry and happily recommend them to all subscribers of my panic attack newsletter, and anyone interested in health and wellness.

Matthew Wagner

“My results have been more than I ever believed possible..”

I am writing to express my gratitude for the amazing results obtained through your hypnosis therapy. I would like to share my success story with anyone who might be a little skeptical as I once was.

Over the past 25 years, I have lost and gained the 15-20 pounds many times with all types of diets but could never maintain the weight lost. This past spring, I developed uncontrollable “binge” eating as a result of some stressful circumstances. My physician recommended Dr. Deutsch after recognizing my desperation.

Through Dr. Deutsch’s Lose Weight Hypnosis CD and comforting conversations I have learned healthy eating habits. His guidance on the CD has taught me to be satisfied with much less food and not to feel deprived nor hungry.

I had little knowledge of hypnosis other than some questionable results on T.V. but with Dr. Deutsch’s medical knowledge and experience, I found hypnosis to be a relaxing, comfortable state of mind from which one emerges calm, peaceful and totally alert.

My results have been more than I ever believed possible and I recommend this method without reservation.

Lillian M.

“Insomnia Cure”

Dr. Larry’s beautiful, soothing voice in Insomnia Hypnosis CD has lulled me to sleep after many a high-pressure day.

Sheree B.

“Hypnosis CDs help me stay on the right track”

I’ve been recommending you to my friends. You’ve been a positive influence on me, and I’m sure many others. I’m on my way to recovery now and can use all the help I can get – anywhere from a boost in self esteem to a good night’s sleep – and when things even out a bit, I’ll continue to use your hypnosis and subliminals to keep on the right track.

I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say we appreciate it, and owe greater success and personal growth to your good work!

Brian N.

“Tremendous success with the weight loss CD…”

My name is Vicki. I am excited to respond to your request for testimonials because I am very grateful to Dr. Larry. You see thanks to his help now there is less of me. I have enjoyed tremendous success with the weight loss CD’s and have been a motivation to some of my friends and family. What I have lost in weight I have gained in confidence and self esteem.

Currently, I am down about 40lbs and am looking forward to losing another 30 to 40 lbs. I have recently been on a plateau but thanks to Dr. Larry’s patience and support I am excited about the next adventure in weight loss. I don’t want to sound like I am a commercial or something because I am a real person who has struggled with being overweight my entire life – At one time or another I think I have tried every diet invented by man. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a magic fix all – you still have to do the hard part yourself. The Weight Loss Hypnosis CD, and the guidance of Dr. Larry are the tools to assist you on this journey invaluable tools in my experience. I sincerely wish you the best of luck.


“Great success!”

I listened to the Weight Loss Hypnosis CD twice. After the first evening my appetite the next day was very under control. I was able to eat only dinner and no snacks. With all the stress and worry and my compulsion to eat this was a great success!


“Hypnosis CD helped me creating worthwhile experiences in my life.”

Just a short note to comment on the quality of your product. I have been listening regularly, for over 3 years, to ‘relaxation’ and ‘reduce anxiety’ hypnosis CDs that I picked up at your office one afternoon. I have found them most helpful in creating worthwhile experiences in my life.


“Whole-person medicine approach”

Larry Deutsch is a wise and skilled physician. Working in close collaboration with me, Larry has given me invaluable tools and techniques that have helped me blaze a trail toward wellness and restored health. Larry Deutsch gives new form and meaning to the concept of whole-person medicine.

Bob I.


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