Transform Yourself – Weight Loss Hypnosis

Motivate to lose weight sustainably and achieve better health.

Lose weight permanently!

Even if every diet you have ever tried has failed

• Ready to feel motivated to lose weight for good?

• Want to get fit and feel fabulous?

Dr. Larry’s Transform Yourself Weight Loss Hypnosis audio can help you to lose weight and keep it off permanently.

His MP3s can help you to:

• Shed excess weight efficiently
• Control what you eat and how much you exercise
• Reach your weight goal – even when other approaches have failed.
• Achieve better health
• Visualize the new, leaner, healthier you

Don’t settle for anything less than permanent weight loss! Order now.

What you get:

64 minutes 29 seconds of Weight Loss Hypnosis in 6 tracks

Listen to a sample of Transform Yourself and find out how this audio can help you.


Hypnosis for weight loss MP3     $​14.50​

Our money back guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with the benefits of our hypnosis CDs or MP3s, contact us for a full refund.

Success Stories

“Tremendous success with the weight loss CD.”

I am very grateful to Dr. Larry. You see, thanks to his help now there is less of me. I have enjoyed tremendous success with the weight loss CD’s and have been a motivation to some of my friends and family. What I have lost in weight I have gained in confidence and self-esteem.

Currently, I am down about 40 lbs.  The Weight Loss Hypnosis CD, and the guidance of Dr. Larry are the tools to assist you on this journey, invaluable tools in my experience.

– Vicki
<!–Special offer!​

Hypnosis for weight loss MP3


Hypnosis for weight loss CD​ for only​ $30.00​ (You save​ 33%)
(includes $3.99 shipping)​–>



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